In Flight
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Sunday, June 12, 2016
By Alicia Cobb
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Last year I had the honor of working with the town of Stratford on a new project to bring art to the streets called Share A Chair. They asked 20 artsist to create bench designs that would be showcased on the streets around the town, which would later be auctioned off. I sketched four different designs and submitted them along with my protege of a daughter who was the one who actually introduced me to the project. I had just recently submitted designs for a project in Stamford as well, and it was amazing to actually be chosen for both projects, two Dinosaurs and one bench. I felt invigorated and pumped up to do it all! 


One of the designs chosen was called "In Flight" and it was a tribute to my evolution as an artist. This became a very personal piece because at the time I had never really experienced the opportunity to have my art on display publicly (except bodyart) on a non moving canvas. I have had many of my pieces diplayed in galleries, but not everyone goes to galleries. I felt as if I was leaving the stage of flapping my wings to actual flight.


                                                                        (My Original sketch for "In Flight")


This project was so fun for me as well as a learning tool, much of my time was spent running between Stratford and Stamford and making sure every little detail matched my design. There were many long hours and mistakes, but it well worth everything in the end of the process.

progress3     progresss1    progr3


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