My An Lam Williams
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Sunday, May 15, 2016
By Art Simplicated
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We all go through loss at some point in our lives and each of us deals with it differently. I've lost some very special people but there is one in particular who had a definite permanent impact on my soul.

My An Lam Williams (pronounced Me Ann) came into this world under very difficult circumstances and her life was no different. We became fast friends, faster than any friend I ever made at that time in my life.



                                          (My An and I on the beach in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.)

She told me I was beautiful and taught me to own my femininity. Manicures, pedicures, full body massages...she treated me to all of them at a time that my appearance just wasn't very important to me. She shared stories of her struggles with me and I couldn't believe that she made it through most of the things I heard. She honestly taught me what it was to be loved unconditionally and how to be a great friend. So when she was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in early 2008, she would most certainly beat that too right?

The truth is the moment she shared her diagnosis after a battalion of tests I knew the reason we became such fast friends. My spirit immediately told me to prepare for the worst. Not because I wasn't hopeful, not because I lacked faith, simply because that was part of my role in her life. All that she had given me over our sudden sister ship needed to be returned to her in the form of my friendship and support; so that is exactly what happened.




From chemo & radiation appointments to lost hair & weekly support groups. Long, late night conversations and emergency room visits to simply hanging out and laughing until we cried. She had the most ridiculous laugh I had ever heard and it was infectious. She loved life, worked hard, played hard and gave everything she had until there was nothing left to give. She was an experience, the kind that you'd want to bottle up and take with you wherever you went. So I believe that when she took her last breath in that hospital room on that fateful day in 2009, her spirit came traveling down the hallway where I stood and gently placed itself into my heart where it resides to this day.


                             (My An and I sharing a special moment during her chemo days)

On days that I am feeling especially challenged I remember her spirit, I remember her smile, I remember her ridiculous laugh and I remember what a gift it was to be one of the few people who was able to obtain a bottle of such a rare fragrance that can only be found in the hearts that she touched. I miss her voice, her listening ear, her smile, her laugh, her smell but her spirit is omnipresent and for that I am forever grateful. My An was only 38 years young when her body lost it's battle with cancer. Knowing her story and seeing her light was the experience that catapulted me from where I was sitting to where I stand today.

She had a lot of things that she wanted to do with her life before she left but my guess is she did everything she was meant to do. The impact she had on those who knew her is undeniably permanent. All she requested at the end of her life was that she never be forgotten, it would be impossible to forget her. Ironically 2009 was the year I decided that I was going to be a professional artist. It was the first year I ever body painted and it was the year Art Simplicated was born.

My way of remembering and honoring My An and anyone else who I've lost is to live a full, authentic, intentional life. Pursue my dreams, help others and live with purpose. I don't believe in living a life of survival anymore, I believe in living a life of happiness and abundance no matter your circumstances. Work hard, play hard, smile and breathe because you can; LIVE YOUR LIFE!❤

~ A️licia

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