Inspiration Equals Perspiration
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Sunday, August 21, 2016
By Art Simplicated
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Where does inspiration come from and how does it transform into action? As an artist, inspiration comes in many forms; from my children, to nature, other artists, life's journeys, love and loss. Inspiration causes a chain reaction that often turns into creative thoughts and images and eventually original pieces of art. Many of my creative thoughts and visions come to me in the shower, while I'm driving, or in dreams. These are not exactly places that I can document or sketch the ideas but I definitely try to hold onto the best ones as long as I can. I am very inspired by things I see in my everyday life as I travel, meet people and hear stories. My ancestors are probably my biggest source of inspiration and you will find that I speak of them often, especially during spiritual conversations, in writings such as this one and in my art work. I can't really explain how I know they are guiding me; It's kind of like being in love, you just know. Feeling them with me has helped me get through some of my most difficult moment ad helped me to create some really beautiful pieces.

Inspiration to create something doesn't always come with the motivation or necessary tools to actually create it though. Sometimes it's hard to wrap my mind around the concept of certain things specifically when they seem beyond my reach. I wonder if the works will be understood by others or if I will be able to execute them in the way they need to be. I often spend hours researching colors, tools, species, cultures and anything that will help with accuracy of details in visions that I have.

Light up the sky Artist: God  Respect the artist #lightning #naturaldanger #electric #Godsbeauty #naturesbeauty #nightsky #beachnight #girlsnight #inpromtu #unplanned #blessedHeat lightning I experienced in West Haven CT in August, 2016

My motivation to create comes from my experience with growth and its process. I have watched my children growing into their own which makes me truly understand the necessity of nurturing. It has taught me that I must nurture the gift inside of me to allow it to reach its full potential, as I have nurtured my children to live up to theirs. My family has given me the gift of motivation to continue pursuing and manifesting what I was born to do. I believe that the art of transformation is everything and mastering the art of transformation is most important. I have learned to let go of others perceptions about who I should be. I go with the flow of what I feel within.


#wcw me and all my #color #thick #mismatched #natural #glory #selflove #selflove #selflove #selfpreservation #lovethyself #justasyouare

A day at the Beach

I look up at the sky very often and see the majestic views of an ever changing piece of artwork created by the Master Creator; I see myself in that work of art. The art that comes out of me is also ever changing and I am determined to expand my art as far as it will go. When I body paint the model will often twist, bend, and change positions which created movement to the art. That excites me because it reminds me of me watching that ever changing sky. Being in nature and enjoying the company of close friends and family gives me inspiration because every moment counts, every word spoken has meaning, every element brings new ideas, and new ideas bring transformation.

Day 26 - I had a blessed and productive day. Necessary conversations and a little time near the water. Working on focus and gaining clarity in many areas of my life. Growth is what happens during your birthday and everyday if you are doing it right. So he God's Beauty

The world isn't always positive and things get sour sometimes but I always find a way of finding inspiration because it's what I thrive off of, it's what makes me tick.


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