The Flesh Art Show

The Flesh Art Show is an annual event that happens once a year at the famous One Eyed Jack's in the French Quarter of New Orleans. I had the amazing opportunity of being one of the 20 artists featured in the show this year. On March 20, 2015, I was paired up with the incomparable Margie Nugent and our models/performers, Andrew Zutell and Kim Tran of Out On A Limb.

Andrew and Kim are acrobats and already had a routine planned for the big show. Margie and I agreed that we would create a voodoo themed piece because of the history of the city and for very personal reasons for Margie. Our act was a big hit and we had a great time in the process of creating together.

That evening I shared a stage with some really talented and successful artists and performers. Some of these people are mentors like Craig Tracy who I've looked up to since I started my journey into body painting. During the event I just kept thinking of how blessed I was to be there. I'm less experienced than most of the artists and I was still accepted into the show. I had close to 20 sponsors that all happened to be friends and family. The experience was exciting, nerve wrecking and very surreal. Most of all it was confirmation that I was exactly where I should be.