Why Art Simplicated?


I've been asked several times the origins of “Art Simplicated”, and how I came to decide on that name to define my business. The story behind how the name came to represent me and my business is a little well...simplicated.

It was in 2009 when the epiphany hit me but it feels as though it should have been one of those things I used to describe who I was growing up. A friend and I were having a conversation discussing my personality and how simple yet complicated I am. I am simple when it comes to material possessions and practicality yet to him I was completely complicated and difficult to understand on a mental and emotional level. I wrote a poem entitled "Simplicated" after this conversation due to the realization for me that I was truly simplicated; much like art.

Moon Child.jpg

Art is very simple for me to create because it comes from within. My spirit, passions, thoughts, desires, and heart are all a part of my creative process which comes very natural for me. However, one’s perception of any of my creations may be that it was a complicated process to create. The artist zone is limitless because logic doesn’t have to apply; this is one of the reasons why my business is so personal to me. I know it is said “one shouldn’t make business personal”, but it is impossible for me to do that. Art is very personal because of where the creative power comes from. Every time I create something to put into the world (universe); it’s like standing in a giant crowd of people where I am the only one naked and not nervous. In my creative process I am free from all logic and fear, which is why this is the simple part of art.  That may be why Body Painting is such a passion of mine. It's creation while connecting to the human compass. No discussion is required though it happens often. Energies are exchanged with or without verbal communication.

Why Artsimplicated.jpg

On its other side, the creation of art also leaves me in a vulnerable state; this is one of the highest places of strength one can be in…but it's also the more complicated side. Erykah Badu said it best when she said: “Keep in mind I’m an artist and I’m sensitive about my Sh&*!” I’m a very authentic person and very unapologetic about the art that flows through me. I have a built in defense that keeps me from most forms of negativity and helps me to maintain a steady flow of positive energy with the mindset to move forward. This happens to be the complicated side of things (in a way) because I don’t allow myself time for BS. As an artist I understand that the things I create are interpreted differently by each and every person that encounters them so I want to make sure that whatever is being created through me is exactly what it is meant to be.

So this is how the name “Art Simplicated” came to be the name that describes my business but also describes my personality. I create art, all kinds of art and refuse to box myself into any one category. I am Art, art is me...simply simplicated.

Geez that was a lot to say, hopefully it will make sense to someone other than me.