My Motivation

My Motivation 1.jpg

What truly motivates a person to do something? With all of life’s distractions and curve balls constantly thrown, how does anyone stay focused and motivated on the goals they have set in their life? Well, for me it’s pretty simple. The moment I held my first child in my arms a little over 18 years ago I knew my life would be changed forever. She was a bundle of joy, and I was a new mom; not really understanding of motherhood.

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I didn’t know then, but I would soon figure out that the motivation to see my child grow up happy was my drive. No matter what I lost in the process, she had to grow up better than I felt I had. Three short years after she came into the world my little man was born. It seemed as if the load doubled so I had to try twice as hard to make the lives of my children better than I thought my life was growing up.

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This is the foundation for my motivation; My Children. I want them to see an example of what it's like to pursue your passion. The highs and the lows are very real and necessary for them to see. My hope is that they will never become complacent with what is expected of them by society. I want them to see beyond the box that they might be placed in by the people around them; including me at times.

I have a tremendous amount of family support that has kept me going for many years that is the backbone of how I remain driven. Family provides your connection into this world, it is in family that I find my fuel. If it were not for their support, I probably wouldn’t have much to build on. The motivation of my creative side and giving back through art is my ancestors. Many people don’t know how to grasp onto the concept of being used from higher plateaus.

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If not for my ancestors bringing me visions in dreams and other methods my creations wouldn’t be what they are. I often tell people that I can feel them around me pushing me to keep going because they didn't have the opportunities to. Experiencing loss and having the support of others I've met through the community and just life in general has given me the courage to step outside of the box I had been in for so long. I've grown within the last 6-7 years to understand my purpose in this world, which has given me the drive and motivation to keep moving forward. So there you have it: My foundation, backbone, and the soul of what motivates me.