Never Done Exhibit

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I have been thinking about certain aspects of my artistic journey, the people, places, and things have had the largest impact on my career thus far. Some of my work is currently being featured in a group show at City Lights Gallery in Bridgeport, CT.  “Never Done" is a show exploring "Manifestations of the Beauty, Inspiration and Constant Strength of Black Women". The saying reminds us that “Women’s work is never done”. The work to love, fight for social justice, actualize spiritual building and leadership, to nurture our families and create joy is never done."
Being part of this show is a great experience for me because it allows me the freedom to visually show the struggles and strengths of a woman’s work. Although the exhibit is geared towards black woman; I think all women are included. I myself am Bi-Racial so seeing things from different angles is helpful. Sometimes it is hard to verbally express as a woman how it feels to constantly be in motion, so we very often have to find creative ways to express ourselves; using art as a way to break barriers.

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In my journey I've learned about some of the women in my bloodline who were pioneers in their own right. They may have very well been artists, writers, scientists, doctors, lawyers but they weren't. To be honest, the women who came before me were survivors. Most were not afforded the opportunity to follow dreams or passions. They were assigned the strict role of slaves, maids, nurturers, birth givers, mothers, mistresses and wives which is fine if they selected those roles themselves. Having the ability to choose their own paths wasn't realistic or permitted.

In a sense, I feel that I have a responsibility to follow through with the things they couldn't. That is the reason I pursue passion through art. To honor the memories of the women who's hands bled while preparing food for a family of 16. For the ones who were violated and forced to give of themselves so freely. For the ones who secretly sat under the light of the moon teaching themselves to read so that one day they could teach their own children. For the ones who birthed entire communities of babies as mid-wives and never received a proper thank you. These are the women that I will continue to honor through my art; through my life. Please remember to always honor those who came before you; because of them, we can.

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There are some really amazing artists featured in this show so being among them is an absolute honor. Please take some time to go to their web sites, read about them and even buy some art if you see something that moves you. "Never Done" will run until March 25, 2016. Join us for an artist talk at City Lights Gallery on Thursday, March 24 from 5:30 PM to 8:00 PM.

Jahmane Arts

Adger Cowans

Alicia Cobb

Janelle Gordon

Jefferine Jean-Jacques

Iyaba Ibo Mandingo

Olivier Kpognon

Shanna Melton

Also featured is the fabric art by Bridgeport's Gees Bend quilters: Eula Mosley, Sandra Pettway, Rosie Pettway, Betty Bendolph, Lucy Pettway Joanna Pettway, Mary Bendolph.